Kisan Smart

Kisan Smart F1soft’s Kisan Smart Mobile Banking Application is a secure, user-friendly and well-designed mobile banking application that works on any device. The mobile application is designed to be as intuitive as possible by making use of its limited screen with easy features and button labels that are easily understood by even inexperienced users.

The application enables users to perform their daily banking transactions like transferring funds, mobile top-ups, load wallets and scanning to pay. It provides ease of financial management through mobile banking.

Download from here: KISAN Smart Application

Fee: 500 (first year free, second year 250, and third-year 250)
Sms Alert: Free
PIN Reset: Rs. 25

3 % cashback on top-up

Features of Kisan Smart Banking Service

  • Account Information
  • The mini statement can be viewed.
  • Money can also be transferred to any bank account.
  • Mobile recharge service.
  • Bill payment services for electricity, drinking water, TV, internet, dishome, etc.
  • Plane tickets and other e-ticket services.
  • Information on loans, savings, and stocks.
  • Check request and check cancellation service.
  • Various other merchant payment services.
  • QR payment service