S.N     Saving Name Minimum Balance                          Description int. Rate Symbol SMS Symbol
1. Masik Bachat


  • Above the minimum Rs 100 can be saved according the decision of the group.
  • Return with interest on withdrawal from the institution.
  • previous group saving.
4% G  MB
2. Pension Bachat


  • The Savings is for children's education expenses and old age support.
  • The saving is a saving that can be deposited in meetings and office.
  • Regularly Rs 100|- to Rs 5000|- can be deposited monthly.

  • 5 percent interest for 5 to 10 years.

  • 50 percent addition for 10 to 15 years.
  • Double of total amount in 15 years.
13% G  PEN
 3. Parba Bachat


  • The savings that is used to manage the expenses of the festival and customs.
  • Saving can be collected by attending the center or office.
  • Voluntary deposits can be made during loan transactions.
4% G  PB
 4. Upakar Bachat 


  • If the center does not comply with the disciplinary rules, the penalty to be paid that will be collected from the fine.

  • It will return for group work.

5% G  UB
 5. Vyaktigat Bachat

Rs.100 |-

  • Member can deposit and withdraw funds as per requirement.
  • The amount accepted by the organization from a minimum of Rs.1 can be  deposited or withdrawn at the monthly  meeting or office.
  • ATM,Mobile Banking, ABBS and Cheque services.
  • Share dividends  and  other benefits will be deposited in this account.
6% G+P  VB
 6. Grehani Bachat Rs.500 |-
  • The saving has been developed with the intention of giving the highest returns to  female members.
  •  Deposit and withdrawals can be at will.
  • Interest on daily deposited.




 7. Sunaulo Bachat  Rs.5000|-
  • The amount accepted by the institution, can be deposited from a minimum of Rs. 5000|-
  • Up to 90% loan facility of deposit.
  • 25%  of saving in 3 years,50% of saving in 5 years and 100% of saving in 8 years of amount will be added to  the savings  and returned.
  • 3 months 10.50 %
  • 6 months 10.75%
  • 1yearly 11.05%
  • 2 yearly  11.55%
  • 3 yearly 12 %

According to conditions

 8. Khutruke Bachat
  •  Silver- Rs.1000
  • Golden- Rs.25000
  • Diamond-Rs.50000
  • khutruke Bachat  SILVER : minimum Rs. 1000|-
  • khutruke Bachat  GOLDEN :minimum Rs. 2500|-and Birthday  gift will be provided  yearly.
  • khutruke Bachat DIAMOND  :minimum Rs. 5000|-and Birthday  gift will be provided  yearly.
  • After 2 years , the saving plan can be changed.
  • The organization will provide free Khutruke for collection.
  • For gift, the account must have been opened for 3 months.
  • Deposit and withdrawals can be made as per requirement above the minimum deposit.






Employee Salary Account

  • Interest Calculation and Payment Method: Quarterly Payment on the basis of Daily closing Balance.
  • Minimum balance:500/-
  • Free Services: ATM Card, Kisan Smart Mobile Banking, ABBS service, Cheque Book, Other banks cheque collection & deposit facilities.
  • *Life Security Scheme:In case of personal accident of client, it provides up to 3 lakhs or 10 times of balance amount whichever is less reimburse to the beneficiary.
  Kisan Super Saving     8.10%    
  FD   3 Months 11.55%    
  FD   6 Months 11.75%    
  FD   1 Year 12.05%    
  FD   2 Years 12.25%    
  FD   3 Years 12.55%