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Message from Chairman

Message from Chairman

Kisan Multipurpose Cooperative Society is currently in its silver jubilee year. Talking about the chain of development of the organization, it may not be possible to give a complete account of the ups and downs of the 25-year journey in this column of the website.In short, the organization was born with the objective of uniting the locals through cooperatives and encouraging them to engage in economic activities at a time when the people of the far-western region of Lamki, which was not able to be included in the mainstream of national development at that time.With the birth of the organization, a political conflict situation was created in the country and this situation led to many complications. However, due to the deep faith, inspiration and harmony of the members who love the organization and embrace the essence of the cooperative, the organization did not have to be distracted even in such a difficult situation and finally the organization has come to the present situation facing many complex situations. ...

We are celebrating this year (2076-077 BS) as a silver year. On the occasion of the Silver Year, 25 programs targeted at members and the community have been made public. Currently, the organization has established itself as a model cooperative in this field and has succeeded in becoming known nationally and internationally. It is because of the deep affection, discipline and commitment of all of us towards the organization that the organization has got this privilege.

It is our belief that employment can be created at the local level only if entrepreneurship is created in the society. Only if there is an increase in employment will there be an increase in income and consumption. Due to the increase in income and consumption, the living standard of the people increases. Therefore, this organization is providing various vocational trainings free of cost with the objective of making its members entrepreneurial.

With the objective of assisting in the development of entrepreneurship of the members, the organization has brought into operation an integrated agricultural firm and a free agricultural training center in Patharaiya of Janaki Goupalika. From the learning of this agricultural firm, the organization aims to develop similar firms and business skill training sites in other areas as well. Similarly, from this Fiscal Year, new programs have been launched with the aim of making the unemployed children of the members entrepreneurs.

From the Nabin program, the unemployed children of our members will receive free technical training as well as seed capital as a loan for setting up a business. In order to attract the members towards commercial agriculture and increase their income level and access to credit, 3 agricultural technicians are imparting training on advanced agricultural farming techniques and commercialization in various crops.

The main goal of the organization is to empower the members who are averse to financial services in the community and to make a living by relying on agriculture by empowering them through financial and non-financial services. With this in mind, we have come up with the slogan 'Community for Prosperity, Together'. The significance of this slogan can be gauged from the economic upliftment of all the members and the economic development of the community.


Thank you

Surendra Kumar Shah